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Common questions and answers when changing meters:

Lysmasken has many years of experience in meter replacement and has therefore put together the most common questions we receive from the subscribers for whom we carry out the meter replacement. We hope you find an answer to your particular question here!

Why are the meter changed at all?
In the future, the energy meters must be able to register the customer's electricity consumption with hourly precision. The meters must also be read more often than before. In order for your electricity supplier to be able to meet these requirements, the meters must be changed, as it is not possible to do this with the previous technology.

Does the meter change cost me anything?
No, the exchange is free of charge

Will there be a power cut during the meter change?
There will be a brief power outage when the old electricity meter is dismantled and replaced with the new one. If the electricity meter is on your own premises, your electricity supplier will notify you of the replacement time before the replacement.

How do I find out the meter reading on the old and new meter when changing the meter?
When changing the meter, meter readings for both meters are left at the meter location, in addition, current meter readings will be specified in connection with the next invoice from the network company.

Do all Meters need to be replaced?
Yes, all meters are changed to the new type acc. the schedule. You cannot refrain from changing the meter.

How can I book an appointment for the meter replacement?
Our installers usually contact you when the electricity meters are changed in an area. The easiest and fastest way is always to book an appointment directly with the fitter when we are on site, i.e. on your street.

Do I have to be at home when the meter is changed?
If your meter is accessible, e.g. placed outdoors or in a meter room, you don't have to be at home. Otherwise, an agreement must be made on a suitable time for the meter change.

Will the Fitter come to me with his own keys?
The Fitter will not enter your home with his own keys, but we hope that you can be there when the meter is changed. The time for meter replacement will be announced in advance by letter. If the meter is placed in the property's common premises, we do not need to gain access to the home.

How big is the new meter?
The new remotely read meter is roughly the same size as the existing one.