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About Us

Lysmasken is a smaller company that, with great flexibility and a unique structure, easily adapts to larger nationwide projects as well as smaller local projects. Through long experience, routines and work methods have been developed and documented to minimize errors and unnecessary work steps. With the help of management systems and carefully developed method descriptions, the best results are guaranteed.

We have the solution!

Our business idea is to offer our customers the market's most affordable measuring technology services with quality, competence and safe delivery. By always offering a fixed price and performing what we promise with high quality within a fixed schedule, we should be the obvious choice.

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     Why Lysmasken?

  • Long Experience in the industry
  • Constant updating of skills
  • We use only our well trained staff. No Contractors.
  • Always a fixed price
  • Large Geographical work area.
  • Own project leadership
  • Own field order system.
  • Take Full responsibility from Start to Finish.