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Quality, competence and cost effective for network owners and measurement readers.

Lysmasken Energi & Mätteknik AB performs close-to-customer measurement services within the measurement of transmitted energy, for example remotely read electricity and district heating measurement and charging and heating of cars. A niche business where we are at the forefront in terms of both competence and technical field equipment.

Our business idea is to offer our customers the market's most affordable measuring technology services with quality, competence and safe delivery. By always offering a fixed price and performing what we promise with high quality within a fixed schedule, we should be the obvious choice.

The company's seat is in Kinna in Western Sweden, the work area is central and southern Sweden. We look to expand into Norway as a future market. Lysmasken has participated in large nationwide projects within Vattenfall, E.on and Ellevio's (Fortum's) network areas since 2003.